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In kinda drunk and out in the home town.. sorry… village of my sugar daddy..or splenda daddy as i secretly call him! But get this he has two other sugarbabes..and we are all getting to know each other.. my ass!
I hope not to sound like a bitvh but these bitches are fugly..oh dear

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Thanks :) and I do but I clean it up, here goes:

Dress in your expectations, say you want Giuseppe & Celine then wear that! If you want UGG’s and coach bags, dress that way.

Dress appropriate for the location! You don’t want to re-live pretty woman. So if you’re shopping on Rodeo, then slip on some Prada & Saint Laurent. You want to look like you belong. You also don’t want to stroll through a family-friendly shopping mall in red bottoms on the arm of a man 40 years your senior. LOL

Dress comfortably! last thing you want is to be tackling some cobblestone in 6 inch heels. Or to tread through the shopping center with new shoes. If you’re wearing heels, make sure they’re comfortable & broken in. What’s comfortable to me or whoever else may not necessarily be comfortable to you.

Jeans: If you decide to wear them, make sure they compliment you’re assets! I would stick to darker wash skinny jeans because they look more “classy” If you’re wearing distressed jeans, make sure they’re only SEMI distressed you don’t want to be walking around with big holes in your pants looking like you accidentally rolled off a cliff lol. Jeggings, the ones that are demim & look like actual jeans work too! If you want/need to wear a belt, stick to something simple. Salvatore Ferragamo and Hermes are good places to start.

Play it cool, you don’t need to look provocative You’re shopping, not heading to a cocktail party so don’t slip on a Bodycon dress. If you want to show some body due to the warmer weather, rompers are a good alternative. They look more cleaned up and you’re not trying too hard.

Don’t neglect your hair/makeup and don’t go overboard HUGE false lashes aren’t necessary in this setting. But remember to look pretty and all that jazz. Refer to my hair/makeup posts:

Leggings: they’re a good alternative to jeans, they’re comfy & go with almost anything.

Dressy tops: pair well with jeans, and leggings. Pick the right ones for your outfit. Don’t wear a leather jacket with longer/detailed tops, it looks overly layered.

Staple pieces: designer bags, sunglasses, and shoes. Make sure things match and aren’t too clunky.

* Use a lint roller
* Steam or iron clothing
* Wipe clothes down with a dryer sheet to eliminate static
* General hygiene applies
* POT date etiquette applies
* Blend in

Good luck on your next shopping trip & ignore the haters!

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Food and getting my freak on!

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So i’m recovering!

I was in a small car crash over the weekend. Basically the mechanic fucked us over cause when he changed the brake discs he forgot to pump the fluid that makes the brakes work. So I and my friend hope in the car to pick up her daughter at 9 am  and my friend start to drive towards her estates gates but the car refuses to stop..the brakes weren’t working. It was my life started to flash before my eyes as we drove right into the wall.I hit everything in the car and came out bruises and almost broken.  But i getting a little bit better everyday now.

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Ghana is the only team that played Germany that didnt lose to them :) 


Quoted this!

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Update with SB problems!

Soo ladies there’s a lot of shit that has happened recently that I haven’t really spoken about on here cause 1) I didn’t think it was the right time and 2) it was kinda uneasy to speak about.

Some of ya’ll know I was in a relationship(for two and half years might i add) while trying to find an SD. There were many problems in the relationship but I will go into that later. I needed a SD to help me get to where I wanted/ envisioned to be in life and my now ex boyfriend couldn’t and even wouldn’t do that for me.

You may be wondering what was so bad about the relationship.. Well were do I start! At first like all relationships they are great, and full of love. To the point were I introduced him to my mum and when she said she wasn’t happy with my choice and that lead to an argument… I told her to stay out of my relationship and we didn’t talk for months. Also when i gave up the opportunity to become an air hostess for the sake of the relationship. Yes I was that much of a fool.

The man I fell in love with slowly became a monster. He would rape me every morning because he woke up with a hard on. One day our fight got out of hand he attacked me a pinned me to the wall, by my neck! I was sure I would leave him that day and called a friend to tell her what happened, but he begged for forgiveness and said the reason he attacked me that way is because he was so angry and he thought I could handle it since I like it in bed. Again stupidly I accepted his apology and therefore lost my friend because she was so upset that I went back.

There were also curfews. I had to be back home by whatever time he set around 10-11pm. If I didn’t there would be hell to pay which came in different forms. Oh of course the one he used to control me a lot was when I didn’t do what he wanted was to lock me out. At first he would make me cry and beg to come back in for about an hour, it then progressed on to being locked out for 3 hours and finally he started to lock me out completely. I had to sleep at many friends places, homeless shelters and hostels a lot.

I stayed with him for reasons my friends couldn’t understand. The truth was I really loved him(and in some fucked up way I still do now), secondly I was embarrassed to tell my mum or friends every because I told them first to fuck off if they weren’t happy with my relationship and I didn’t have the balls to ask for help plus I didn’t feel like I could go back home as my ‘home’ is near Scotland and my mum works as a locum throughout the UK for 3 months contracts at a time. My life and education was in London. He knew all this and used it to his advantage.

But Now I’ve finally started to get my life back in order and with help I contacted the police and reported everything. And now I have temp accommodation, so hopefully I can build my life back up again!

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These salty ass old men SWEAR they can get a younger girl without having to pay her. No girl will suck that wrinkly dick for free. Unless you look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt I don’t fucking think so! But even they have money so your argument is invalid. NEXT.

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